This week I’m going against my better judgement. When I started this blog I told myself a few things about how I would conduct it. I set a few guidelines, if you will. One of those guidelines is to maintain variety, never write about the same thing twice in a row, definitely not the same person. The events of Wednesday night have caused me to reconsider. Take a look for yourself.

With his team down three games to one against the Memphis Grizzlies Manu Ginobili hit what may be the shot of his life. Only two seconds left on the clock and his team down by two points Ginobili.

The Argentinean kept his team alive on Wednesday

Last week, I posted a blog on the Playoffs in general, and I highlighted the matchup between the Spurs and the Grizzlies, and namely a particular matchup within that series between two Latinos; Manu Ginobili vs. Marc Gasol. Since that blog, Gasol and Grizzlies have gotten the better of the Spurs and they had their backs up against the wall. The Grizzlies had a 3 to 1 game series lead on the Spurs, if the Spurs lose one more game to the Grizzlies, their season is over. That is the position they found themselves in on Wednesday night, down by two points with seconds left…that’s when Ginobili made magic happen. A prominent Latino face in the NBA, Ginobili again takes the spotlight for the Latino community. Time and time again Latinos are stepping up in the NBA. Just look back at my blog history and you’ll see it. This is a big deal because basketball is traditionally a sport that is dominated by African-Americans and whites. Until recently, Latinos were seldom in the league. Ginobili has been part of a resurgence, and his huge performance on Wednesday just adds to it. That’s just one more reason why I love the NBA Playoffs…Where Amazing Happens.



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