Latinos take a “hit”

Cabrera is crushed after a superstar season

Detroit Tigers outfielder and superstar Miguel Cabrera is one of the Latino’s biggest faces in baseball. He has had a great career and seems to only be getting better. Last year he won the American League Silver Slugger award after wrapping up the season with a .328 batting average and a .622 slugging percentage. Not too shabby. Did I mention he’s from Venezuela? Of the three major American sports, baseball certainly has the strongest Latino presence, but even among many Latinos in the MLB, Cabrera shines….until this past Wednesday night. The Detroit slugger was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence in Fort Pierce, Florida. This happens all the time, you say, especially to athletes…


The big deal is that whether he likes it or not, Miguel Cabrera represents much more than just himself. He represents the Latino community and particularly Latino athletes. That’s the thing with so many athletes these days, they don’t realize that it’s not all about them. Kids actually look up to them and people associate them with different things, in this case, the Latino culture. While he’s normally slugging baseballs out of the park, this time Cabrera delivered a huge hit to the Latino public image. I’m not saying that a DUI is the end of the world…as mentioned before, it happens all the time. But this wasn’t just your typical DUI. After Cabrera was pulled over, the report quotes Cabrera as saying “Do you know who I am?” while resisting arrest. He also had the audacity to take out a bottle of scotch and take a swig while still in his car and talking to the officer. Oh, did I mention that Cabrera went through an alcohol treatment program after the 2009 season?…However false they are, people have many different opinions and prejudices towards the Latino culture, and this blow from Cabrera did not help those at all. But don’t fret too much, the Latinos are strong and they are many. Surely another Latino athlete will do something wonderful soon and have us all asking “what happened with that Cabrera guy again?”.



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